I Thank you for being such a great resource and advisor. The service you provide your client and the company at the same time should be commended. It can't be easy to boil things down for both parties, but you do a great job accomplishing that tough task! A. R., COO
I am the president of a large, family-owned company. Our organization is structured with six vice presidents who comprise the Executive Management Team: Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Manufacturing and Engineering. Each vice president brings a different mindset and set of skills to our leadership team. Birgitta has been a tremendous help with each individual, understanding and interpreting his/her role and the interaction and communication between peers. Many times she is able to help our team function at a higher level by clearing up communication and interpretation between our members. She truly coaches my team to perform at a higher level. I personally find Birgitta particularly helpful in discussing issues that I am not comfortable sharing with anyone else. She listens and gives me insight about myself and guidance in leading my team. This in turn helps me think things through and gives me tools to be more effective as a leader. Birgitta has endeavored to thoroughly understand the people in our company, our dynamics, our culture and what drives us. She works with many individuals in our company to help them generate new ways of looking at things and to develop them for advancement. We not only admire Birgitta as a highly regarded professional, but also find her very personable, easy to work with, and able to put us at ease. We utilize her expertise to evaluate potential hires for fit and capabilities. Birgitta has been an invaluable asset for assisting management in selecting staff and improving the performance of our people and our organization.Scott Parrish –President. A-DEC, Inc.
I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Birgitta von Schlumperger both personally and professionally. In both cases, I have found Dr. von Schlumperger to be an incredibly valuable resource. She quickly grasps organizational and interpersonal dynamics, and is able to provide meaningful, actionable guidance in order to facilitate the development of both the organization and the individual. Dr. von Schlumperger is particularly adept at helping others discover and tackle their development opportunities through insightful questions, the exploration of alternate perspectives, and caring feedback. I have confidently referred Dr. von Schlumperger to multiple friends and colleagues. J.S., HR Director
You make impacts more than you can know. L. R. Vice President of Operations, CFO
My husband and I have worked with Birgitta on many levels over the past years – individually, as a couple, and also on our family business as second-generation owners. In short, she has impacted both of our lives, and our business, in deeply positive ways. This is due to her tremendous skills in many unique areas. Here are a few: Personal growth: it is a fine balance to truly listen, validate, and make someone feel heard, while encouraging them to also take steps in a forward motion. Birgitta does this wonderfully and has a unique perceptiveness to know what we need, and what we can handle. She has helped me develop tools to find ways to keep going, even when I thought it wasn’t possible. Boundaries: working with my husband and I personally, as a couple, and on our business has meant that there are often judgment calls she has had to make about what issues to nudge, and what to share. She has a very direct and open style, and checks when needed. She does this masterfully, and I have always felt we benefit from trusting her sense of how to steer through these waters. Systemic dynamics: one of Birgitta’s most unique abilities is in understanding complex group dynamics and how to navigate them in a way that fits the goals of the individuals while preserving relationships. Like any family business, we have had many highs and lows, and her coaching has not only made the difference in keeping relationships with our family, but has also made difficult problems seem surmountable. Whether personally or professionally, I would recommend working with Birgitta without reservation. A. A., Business Owner
Thank you for being a catalyst for my inspiration, Birgitta Z. P. Small business owner
Over the span of 18 years, working in various leadership positions, I’ve never had a professional coach before.  I’ve been working with Birgitta for just over a year now, and have found her to be professional, insightful and engaging.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, but discovered her outside perspective and ability to challenge norms to be a valuable sounding board when working through various organizational challenges and opportunities.  I would recommend her to anyone that would find value in having an independent and informed advisor at any level of leadership.  L. M. VP
One of Birgitta’s strengths is her ability to understand a company’s culture. She assesses people, processes and systems very effectively. Her coaching style and how she works with leaders at all levels of the organization is very impressive. She has exceptional listening skills, has the ability to adapt to any leadership style very easily and possesses a great sense of compassion for individuals at all levels of the organization. Birgitta’s coaching and consulting approach helps leaders reflect on their working style, identifies the leaders’ strengths and blind spots and, most importantly, develops the leaders’ conceptual problem-solving and communication skills. One area where I benefited most while working with her was improving my ability to enter difficult conversations and manage conflict. Conceptually framing the problem (blind spot) and defining a pragmatic execution plan has facilitated true behavior changes and helped me become a more effective leader and coach. Birgitta has also transformed some of my staff members into more effective team players and leaders in my organization. This has created a permanent performance improvement. What I do appreciate about Birgitta most is her easygoing yet firm and productive coaching style; you always feel ‘safe’ working with her, and she enables improvements and assures that difficult behavior change becomes a reality.Albrecht Enders –Endersgroup
Birgitta Von Schlumperger is special person. She has a unique way of combining listening skills with great questions that allow you look at issues in your life from a different perspective. It takes a trained specialist like Birgitta to get you to slow down, determine those factors that have influenced your thinking and understand alternatives. I appreciate how she has opened up possibilities for thinking in ways I had never considered. I am grateful for the positive influence she has had on my life and career.Wayne Aho –VP Sales, A-DEC, Inc.