approaches each business or organization as a unique system comprising a host of interactive subsystems.  The task of successfully changing the system requires an understanding of how the following components function and interconnect:

  • Communicating mission and values clearly and consistently
  • Ensuring employees at all levels understand and commit to the organization’s fundamental objectives

  • Because a fit exists between the culture, people and their jobs, staff is informed, coached and supported to ensure their efforts are aligned with institutional goals

  • Identifying what resources personnel need to perform at the highest level
  • Ensuring staff can easily communicate, plan, collaborate, reach well thought-out and timely decisions, and resolve conflicts

CCG helps an enterprise build awareness of its unique structure of knowledge, skills, motivation, practice and feedback.  Developing new behaviors requires a deep understanding of all these factors.

Because solutions create their own problems, CCG helps organizations approach ‘solution-after-next’ thinking – i.e. anticipate the effects of proposed solutions and how the organization will react to them.