Dr. Birgitta von Schlumperger

CEO of Corporate Consulting Group, Inc., Birgitta has been a consulting psychologist for over 25 years. She holds a PhD and an MS in psychology from the University of Oregon and completed her residency at Cascade Center for Training and Development in Portland.

An expert in human and organizational behavior, Birgitta specializes in applying her insights to help domestic and international businesses improve their performance in an increasingly competitive global economy. Her positive, proactive approach helps organizations and individuals to recognize and build on their inherent strengths, maximizing existing potential for professional and personal success. Clients learn how to make a smooth transition to new management styles, using techniques based on the latest advances in management psychology, behavioral economics and brain science.

Fluent in English and German, Birgitta is widely traveled and works with a broad range of cultural backgrounds. An expert in conflict resolution, she helps clients manage sensitive issues in the workplace, which might involve ethnicity, age and gender. On the macro level, she helps organizations navigate the changes necessary to compete in a culturally diverse global marketplace.

Birgitta is dynamic and personable, and an empowering speaker, trainer and coach who combines professional knowledge with humor and common sense.

Birgitta also has a private practice as a consulting psychologist. Her private practice website isĀ drvonschlumperger.com.